Friday 16 December 2005
Alexander MacGillivray
Vignettes from The Minoan Book of the Dead: A new reading of the Minoan-Mycenaean gold rings

Friday 27 February 2006
Marika Zeimbekis
The clay animal figurines and figures from the Juktas sanctuary

Tuesday 7 March 2006
Gerald Cadogan
From house to house-tomb and on? Monuments, diversity and tradition in Bronze Age east Crete

Friday 24 March 2006
Birgitta Hallager
Domestic shrines in LM IIIA:2-C Crete - Fact or Fiction?

Friday 28 April 2006
Eleni Banou and Eleni Tzivilika
Τhe Minoan coastal site at Pera Galenoi: Satellite of a Minoan Palace or not?

Friday 18 May 2006
Jeffrey Soles
Did the Minoans belong to an Ancestor-Worshiping Society? New Evidence from the Greek-American Excavations at Mochlos

Friday 16 June 2006
Eleni Hatzaki
The Temple Tomb within the context of Palatial and Postpalatial Knossos and Crete

Saturday 5 August 2006
Lefteris Platon and Kaiti Archontaki
New Light on the Chronology and History of the Zakros Settlement

Saturday 12 August 2006
Joe and Maria Shaw
Kommos - Guided tour of the site

Saturday 19 August 2006
Yiannis Sakellarakis and Diamantis Panagiotopoulos
Minoan Zominthos. Reconstructing an archaeological landscape


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M. Marthari
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