Tuesday 16 March 2004
Nanno Marinatos
Who sees the Gods and why on Minoan gold rings

Thursday 29 April 2004
Andreas Vlachopoulos
The iconographic programme of Xeste 3 at Akrotiri

Saturday 17 July 2004
Maria Andreadaki-Vlasaki
Recently Excavated Late Minoan III Tombs at Khania: Shaft Graves, Pit Graves and Chamber Tombs

Friday 23 July 2004
Martin Schmidt
Evidence of New Architectural Features and Interpretations in Quartier Mu, the Crypt and the Palace at Mallia

Friday 1 October 2004
Metaxia Tsipopoulou
A new Late Minoan IIIC shrine at Halasmenos, Ierapetra, East Crete

Wednesday 27 October 2004
Elpida Hadjidaki
A Minoan shipwreck

Monday 8 November 2004
Anna Lucia D'Agata
Cretan warriors of the Early Dark Age

Friday 28 January 2005
Erik Hallager and Metaxia Tsipopoulou
The Hieroglypic archive at Petras: Problems on the interpretation of contexts

Saturday 19 March 2005
Colin MacDonald
Clearing away contemporary clutter and accidentla associations - An attempt to resurrect Evans's Old Palace at Knossos 

Thursday 14 April 2005
Claus Hammer
The Minoan eruption of Thera occurred in the mid 17th century BC!

Friday 20 May 2005
Ifigeneia Tournavitou
Does size matter? Miniature votive pottery in Minoan peak sanctuaries – the case of Kythera

Sunday 17 July 2005
Giorgos Rethemiotakis
Galatas – a new Minoan palace

Saturday 30 July 2005
Jefferey Soles and Tom Brogan
Mochlos – recent discoveries


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Friday 12 May 18.30

M. Marthari
Raos on Thera...