Thursday 29 April 2004

Andreas Vlachopoulos

The iconographic programme of Xeste 3 at Akrotiri 
Thirty years after its initial excavation, the monumental Xeste 3 at Akroteri, Thera, provides a uniquely large amount of information regarding the art, society and ideology of the prehistoric Aegean in the form of its architectural idiom and the corpus of superbly preserved wall-paintings.
The conservation of hundreds of square metres of wall-paintings that decorated most rooms of the three-storey building continues and will need much more time before completion. However, restoration and study of many of the wall­paintings – particularly those from the east sector of Xeste 3 – permit us to form a fairly clear idea of the very extensive and varied iconographic programme.
In the seminar, the wall-paintings restored over the last decade will be presented and an attempt will be made to identify precisely from which walls in each room they came.  The first results of the on-going architectural and iconographic study of Xeste 3 will be submitted as a contribution to the attempt of modern research to decipher this building’s iconographic programme which is so multifaceted, laden with symbolism and capable of interpretation on many different levels.


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Friday 12 May 18.30

M. Marthari
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