Friday 29 September 2006

Walter L. Friedrich & Jan Heinemeier
University of Aarchus

Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon dated to 1613 ±13 B.C.

Precise and direct dating of the Minoan eruption of Santorini (Thera) in Greece, a global Bronze Age time marker, has been made possible by the unique find of an olive tree, buried alive in life position by the tephra (pumice and ash) on Santorini. We applied so-called radiocarbon wiggle-matching to a carbon-14 sequence of tree-ring segments to constrain the eruption date to the range 1627–1600 B.C. with 95.4% probability. Our result is in the range of previous, less precise, and less direct results of several scientific dating methods, but it is a century earlier than the date derived from traditional Egyptian chronologies.
Reference: Walter L. Friedrich, Bernd Kromer, Michael Friedrich, Jan Heinemeier, Tom Pfeiffer, Sahra Talamo: Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon Dated to 1627-1600 B.C. Science 28 April 2006 vol. 312, p. 548


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