Thursday 14 April 2005

Claus Hammer

The Minoan eruption of Thera occurred in the mid 17th century BC!

The Minoan eruption of Thera was a major volcanic eruption; geological and archaeological evidence clearly indicate its violent and cataclysmic character.
Unfortunately the accurate dating of the eruption has been hampered by contradictory evidence.
Controversies over the date have changed over the past 25 years and no common date has been agreed upon. An accurate date is important, because the synchronization of the Eastern Mediterranean cultures in the second Millenium BC depends on it.
Recently the Greenland ice core date of 1645BC+-4 years has been verified by the analysis of a few micrometersized ash particles in the GRIP ice core from Central Greenland.These data will be presented in the lecture as well as recent radiocarbon results relating to the dating of the Thera eruption.
The conclusion is inevitable - the Thera eruption took place in the mid 17th century BC!


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