Thursday 30 October 2008
Alexander J. MacGillivray
Making Time for Minos: Evidence for time keeping in Minoan Crete

Thursday 11 December 2008
Tom Brogan
Understanding the Late Prepalatial and Protopalatial Periods in the Mirabello Region of East Crete: Insights from Recent Fieldwork

Thursday 29 January 2009
Toula Marketou
Kyrbe beyond myth: art and architecture of the Late Bronze Age I settlement of Trianda in Rhodes

Thursday 19 February 2009
Yannis Tzedakis
Armenoi: Cemetery, City, Surrounding Area

Thursday 12 March 2009
Luca Girella
The tholos tomb of Kamilari near Phaistos: new light on an old excavation

Thursday 30 April 2009
Dimitris Matsas
The Northeast Aegean and Minoan Crete in the middle Bronze Age

Thursday 14 May 2009
Jean-Claude Poursat
A Tale of Two Buildings. The structure and functions of a Protopalatial élite complex: the ‘Quartier Mu’ at Malia

Thursday 11 June 2009
Vasif Şahoğlu
Excavations at Çeşme - Bağlararası: New Perspectives on the Minoan Links of Western Anatolia


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