Friday 27 February 2006

Marika Zeimbekis
University of Bristol

The clay animal figurines and figures from the Juktas sanctuary

Clay animal figures were prominent votives in the Cretan sanctuary of Juktas during the palatial period and the LM IIIC period while a smaller number of figures were dedicated at the site during the Iron Age.  This particular aspect of the ritual at Juktas is the object of a forthcoming monograph which focuses on the systematic study of the 4294 animal figures and fragments thereof, and the analysis of the archaeological data derived from the excavation of this material.
The findings relating to the following research aims of this work will be presented at the seminar:
1) The assessment of the dating, manufacturing techniques, decoration and stylistics of this diverse assemblage of figures.
2) The identification of the spatial distribution and find contexts of the animal figures during the site’s successive periods of use.
3) The attempt to resolve problems which, while specific to this material, have a wider bearing on matters relating to the development of Aegean animal figuration and the history of Aegean ritual. 


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Friday 12 May 18.30

M. Marthari
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