Friday 11 cialis online November 2011

Theodoros Eliopoulos
Hellenic Ministry of Culture

The Dark Ages shrine at Kephala Vailiki, Ierapetra and its Seated Goddess

In 1994-1996 part of a settlement dated to the “Dark Ages” (Late Minoan IIIC-Protogeometric) was excavated on top of the Kephala hill, near the modern village of Vasiliki Ierapetra, and very close to the well known Early Minoan settlement of Vasiliki. The most important of the excavated structures is Building E, consisting of eight rooms. The architectural remains, the finds and the overall layout indicate that it is a large structure of religious character, a shrine complex for the worship of the goddess with upraised arms. It is particularly strange that the shrines of this period are less known than the goddess with upraised arms which were worshipped in them. Apart from the shrine at Karphi, which was only published in preliminary form due to the early death of its excavator, J. Pendlebury, until the 1980’s the rest of the goddesses were found in limited rescue excavations (Gazi), or in the phase of reoccupation of earlier buildings (Knossos, Kannia Gortyn, Gournia), or in problematic circumstances of early excavations (Prinias), or had been brought to or confiscated by museums. However, in the last twenty years, two well-preserved shrines were excavated in the settlements of Vrondas and Halasmenos. It is fortunate that both shrines are at a distance of a few kilometers from Kephala Vasiliki. Thus, the north part of the Ierapetra isthmus is one of the most important all over Greece for the study of the transformation of the cretomycenaean religion to the religion of the historic periods. At Kephala Vasiliki the existence of a seated goddess, unique among tens of upstanding figurines from other shrines, offers insights to the complexity of the worshipped figures and indicates the surprises that may be expected when some of the many Dark Ages settlements identified so far in Crete will be excavated.


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