Friday 9 December generic cialis 2011

Eleni Nodarou
INSTAP Study Center for East Crete

From Chania

to Siteia: archaeological and archaeometric approaches to the study of the Prepalatial pottery


Since the 1990s archaeometric analysis has drastically changed the picture of the Prepalatial period, providing new evidence for its characteristics, organization and complexity.
This communication is a synthetic approach of recent data deriving from the archaeological and archaeometric study of the pottery from sites across the north coast of Crete, from Petras to the east, Gournes in central Crete, to Chania and Nopigeia in the westernmost part of the island. The clay recipes and technological characteristics of the various wares are presented and the coexistence of Cretan and non-Cretan shapes is investigated. The pottery examined derives from burial and settlement sites ranging in date from the Final Neolithic to the Early Minoan II period.
Τhis integrated approach has provided important evidence on the identification of local and imported pottery, the ceramic traditions, and the contacts of Crete with the rest of the Aegean and the Mainland. The ceramic repertoire, the wares, as well as the technological choices raise anew the issues of the organization of production, the distribution of the products, and the identity of the people who produced and consumed the pottery during this early period in Crete.


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