Friday 8 October 2010
Philip Betancourt
Evidence from the Hagios Charalambos Cave for Lasithi's Economic and Political Relations with Other Parts of Crete.

Friday 19 November 2010
Santo Privitera
Living and Storing in the LM III «Villaggio» at Hagia Triada: a second-order centre into a ville capitale in the western Mesara

Friday 17 December 2010
Giorgos Vavouranakis
Funerary ritual and social structure just before and right after the establishment of the first palaces

Friday 28 January 2011
Vassilis Petrakis
Tracing the wanax: Inferring the role of the ruler in Late Minoan II-IIIB Crete from analysis of Linear B documents

Friday 25 February 2011
Gerald Cadogan
A few new thoughts on old Knossos: the Prepalatial era

Friday 18 March 2011
Loeta Tyree
Artifacts as an indicator of Neopalatial cave ritual: A reassessment

Friday 8 April 2011
Todd Whitelaw & Andonis Vasilakis
Knossos: the long-term dynamics of a prehistoric urban centre

Friday 6 May 2011
Saro Wallace
Karfi revisited: elements of 'successful collapse' in Crete c. 1200 BC


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M. Marthari
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