Friday cialis online rx 1 June 2012

Vicenzo La Rosa

The long history of viagra online canada Agia Triada

The long and uninterrupted occupation history of Ayia Triada, from EM I to the Ottoman period (leaving aside the occupation of the site by a German military garrison), has very few comparisons in the history of the Island. The new cycle of excavations at the site, begun in 1977, has re-investigated the structures brought to light during the first cycle of activity, so as to re-evaluate them chronologically and functionally and to provide a comparison with the data from the nearby centres of Phaistos and Kommos. The intention was therefore “to re-excavate the excavated”, and it has led to the creation of a team of people specialised in the different periods of the life of the site.
The ultimate aim was to achieve an historical reading of the archaeological remains that, starting from the new chronologies proposed, could allow the history of this site to be outlined. A site that after having been the administrative capital of the region in LM I, became a “business centre” in LM IIIA2, small but with a large resource base (as witnessed mainly by the monumentality of its buildings).
The role of the centre will be evaluated not only on the basis of a comparison with Phaistos (with which there was a sort of “complementarity of roles” and functions), but also with Knossos. More specifically, an attempt will be made to reconsider the problem of the final destruction of the Knossos palace starting from some new data from Ayia Triada. The final focus of this paper, due to time constraints, will be the open shrine founded in LM IIIC in the so called Piazzale dei sacelli, after which Ayia Triada definitively handed on the baton of the control of cialis pharmacie the Mesara to Phaistos.

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