Friday 25 November 2016
Peter Tomkins
The making of a p(a)lace. Constructing society on the Kephala Hill at Knossos between FN III and EM III (3600-2200 BC)

Friday 31 March 2017
Colin MacDonald and Luca Girella
North and South. Central Crete from the later Protopalatial into the earlier Neopalatial periods

Friday 12 May 2017
Marisa Marthari
Investigating the outskirts of the prehistoric town at Akrotiri, Thera: a rich LC I/LM IA building complex at the site of Raos

Friday 26 May 2017
Eleni Hatzaki
Rus in Urbe: Late Bronze Age Knossos


Next Seminar

Friday 12 May 18.30

M. Marthari
Raos on Thera...